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   Getting Started with Scrum

Getting Started with Scrum


Getting Started with Scrum

Getting Started with Scrum

Getting Started with Scrum

This program introduces agile and scrum to the audience and follows a life cycle approach where audience get to learn how to practice agile and scrum in real life projects.

Learning Objective

*      Demonstrate knowledge of agile values and principles in group discussions

*      Demonstrate knowledge of scrum roles, ceremonies and artifacts in end of course assessment test.

Content Outline

*      Essence of Agile: A brief introduction to agile, discuss how agile is different from traditional methods, agile principles and values, and vital role of flexibility and stability in agile.

*      Scrum Basics: Conceptual learning and understanding of Scrum

*      Sprint: This lesson takes in depth of time boxed iterations, how the scrum iterations should be planned and managed

*      Scrum Roles: We discuss the three scrum roles in detail here.

*      Scrum Ceremonies: This sections introduces the fours scrum ceremonies to the audience, we discuss the goal of these ceremonies and rituals followed.

*      Scrum Artifacts: This section introduces the three scrum artifacts to the audience. 


9 Aug 2014


Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Hotel Clarens
Sector - 29
Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Rs. 2500 (Regular Price is 7000)


Discounted seats available. Contact Naveen Kumar Singh for more information.


Day 1


First Half (Iteration 1 )

Discussion on What is Agile

Essence of Agile

Scrum basics

Retrospective on first Iteration


Lunch Break

Second  Half (Iteration 2 )



Scrum Roles

Scrum Ceremonies

Scrum Artifacts

Retrospective on Day 1

This is a promotional course and attendees will get 8 SEUs. CSM and CSPO holder can also attend to get Category "B" SEUs that will help them in getting CSP.