Key Factors for Succeeding or Failing with Agile

Gilbert, AZ United States

Phoenix SUG

24 Jun 2009
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Roudtable Discussion Theme: Key Factors for Succeeding or Failing with Agile

Panelists for Roundtable Bio?s.

Ken Ward, CSP   President for KRW INC, DBA., Agile/Scrum Consulting Services.
BIO: Over 28 years experience in the IT field covering operations and installations leading to Operations Management. Extensive development experience with team/project lead positions leading to Project Management. First Scrum Project delivered ahead of time and under budget in 2001. Involved with several succesfull Scrum implementations at fortune 500 companies. Experience with several high profile State government projects through out career.

David Annis, VP of Software Development for Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, AZ
BIO: Over 17 years of executive, managerial, and leadership experience with significant experience in all aspects of Information Technology, including Software Development, Technical Project Management & Enterprise Implementations, Network Operations & Security, Service Desk and Support; as well as several years of direct experience in Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, and Business Operations.

Rich Feather, Senior Agile Technical Field Manager for Rally Software in Boulder, CO
BIO: Rich has over 15 years of IT experience and has worked as a Senior Project Manager for a large health care insurance organization, a Technical Field Manager for the largest Microsoft service provider in the Western US, an IT Manager and as a principal consultant for several companies.  Rich has utilized traditional plan-driven/waterfall methods extensively, which is why he?s now an evangelist for Agile processes and outcomes.  Rich has worked on-site with many teams and with over 50 organizations during the formative stages of their Agile transformations and brings several years of hindsight into what works, what doesn?t work and why.

Q&A Panel with Ken, David and Rich

Rally will provide appetizers and beverages during the event.

Contact Name: Ken Ward
Contact Email: email

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24 Jun 2009




2065 W. Obispo Ave.

Gilbert, AZ 85233


Free  Please register early.

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