Southern England Summer ScrumFest

The Werks
Brighton & Hove United Kingdom

Wessex Scrum User Group (Agile South Coast)

8-9 Jul 2009

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The Southern England ScrumFest is an affordable gathering over a day and a half, aimed at anyone that is doing Scrum or thinking of doing Scrum in the Southern England region.
It is jam packed with OpenSpace,lightning talks, practitioner-led panel discussions and a live Scrum project that provides amazing opportunities for participants to share, learn and do Scrum and helps keep the regional Scrum community going strong.  So if you are in the area , why not come and be part of this fun and exciting event. For more information, the full programme and to register, visit

Contact Name: Mike Sutton
Contact Email: email

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8-9 Jul 2009


The Werks


45 Church Road

Brighton & Hove BN3 2BE



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