Illinois Regional Agile Users Group (IRAUG) and PMI-CIC Present: Agile's Impact on Projects

Eastland Suites
Bloomington, IL United States

Illinois Regional Agile Users Group (IRAUG)

23 Feb 2010
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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The Illinois Regional Agile Users Group collaborates with the Project Management Institute – Central Illinois Chapter! There will be a joint meeting on February 23, 2010 to explore “Agile’s Impact on Projects” presented by Tom Mellor. There is a lot of excitement surrounding these two groups collaborating and the discussion topic promises to be insightful and dynamic! 

This Agile topic will explore:

-          the painful parts of agile’s impact on project managers

-          the emergence of self-directed teams

-          the obsolescence of traditional project management’s focus on planning and controlling in favor of execution, presenting the PM and the organization with a real value question to the role, and turning the project org chart upside down



Contact Name: Maria Matarelli
Contact Email: email

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23 Feb 2010


Eastland Suites


1801 Eastland Drive

Bloomington, IL 61704


Price: $10.00 per person (for speaker only - at 6:30)
(Optional meal at 5:30 will be an additional $10 at the door)

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