nlscrum - meetup @
Nieuwegein Netherlands

nlscrum - The Dutch Scrum User Group

10 Jun 2010
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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On June 10, the nlscrum meetup will be hosted at, Nieuwegein. There will be a Retrospective about Scrum @ What went well, what could be improved and what can be done to improve? Topics will be: broad overview of the overall Scrum implementation, prioritizing user stories, the role of the information analyst, testautomation and (if time permits) acceptance + releases. Note: this session will be in Dutch. Free dinner is included. Dinner will be followed by an Open Space where you can discuss any Scrum related topic with experts and peers in a small group setting. It's likely that the Scrum @ Retrospective before dinner will trigger some of the topics of the Open Space. For information about parking or getting there by public transport, see Route en parkeren The Agenda is as follows: 16:30 Reception 17:00 Retrospective Scrum @ 18:00 Dinner 19:00 Open space 21:00 End of open space

Contact Name: Marco Mulder
Contact Email: email

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10 Jun 2010



Zoomstede 5

Nieuwegein 3431 HK



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