DFW Scrum October: Offshoring, Onshoring, and Rualshoring

Improving Enterprises
Dallas, TX United States

DFW Scrum (Dallas/Fort Worth)

19 Oct 2010
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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We had a last minute change with Tamara. She is unable to make the trip as originally planned. Therefore, we have shifted (after all, we are Agile). We will be exploring the topics of Offshore, Nearshore, and Rualshore. Benefits of each as well as their draw backs. So if your company deals with offshore or distributed teams, come join us as we learn from each others experiences.

Contact Name: Lance Dacy
Contact Email: email

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19 Oct 2010


Improving Enterprises


15950 Dallas Parkway

Suite 500

Dallas, TX 75248

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