Combining Scrum and Operations, with Patrick Debois and Jeroen Bekaert

Hilversum Netherlands

nlscrum - The Dutch Scrum User Group

24 Nov 2010
4:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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Many companies that adopt Agile practices for software development find out that this also demands for changes in the way operations is organized: more deployments, more releases, more speed, more interaction between sysadmins and developers, ...

Sounds familiar? Come to Xebia on November 24 to find out how others are dealing with these issues and meet two speakers: 
- Patrick Debois: DevOps guru 
- Jeroen Bekaert: experienced Service Manager

Before dinner, our two speakers will set the stage for the Open Space that will happen after dinner. The Open Space is a great way to get inspired by, learn from and exchange ideas with each other. Meet people doing Agile at many different companies!

The Agenda is as follows: 
16:30: Reception 
17:00: Presentations and discussions with Patrick Debois and Jeroen Bekaert 
18:00: Free Dinner! 
19:00: Open Space 
21:00: End

Contact Name: Marco Mulder
Contact Email: email

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24 Nov 2010




Utrechtseweg 49


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