Agile Breakfast with Mary & Tom Poppendieck

Hotel Adeba
Praha 8 Karlin (metro Krizikova) Czech Republic


12 Oct 2011
8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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Let’s come to meet and discuss with authors of best sellers Leading Lean Software Development, Implementing Lean Software Development or Lean Software Development – An Agile Toolkit!

Topic: LEAN Software Development

Software is the heart and soul of a vast number of products and business processes; every year the ability to develop robust software systems quickly and reliably becomes more critical to the world economy. And yet, most companies use software development processes that were born when systems were coded in assembly language and computer hardware was more expensive than programmers' salaries. Today we have pervasive internet, omnipresent social media, big data, and massively scalable hardware. These advances have flourished largely outside the realm of traditional software development practices, and they call into question the conventional wisdom of what it means to develop, scale, and maintain excellent software-intensive systems.

Contact Name: Michal Vallo
Contact Email: email

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12 Oct 2011


Hotel Adeba


Pernerova 16

Praha 8 Karlin (metro Krizikova)


550 CZK (approx. 22 EUR)

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