Illinois Regional Agile Users Group (IRAUG): Agile Adoption Stories - Evolving to Agile

Heartland Community College, Building ACEC, Room 2204
Normal, IL United States

Illinois Regional Agile Users Group (IRAUG)

18 Oct 2011
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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Join us for a presentation by Matt Block as he shares an agile adoption story. We will discuss the problems experienced before adopting agile, problems experienced during adoption, and problems still experiencing. The story will also touch on action taken to address these problems, both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Discussion will be open for questions and dialogue so come share your experiences and get insight from others who have used different approaches. See how this is similar to your environment and get ideas to incorporate into your practices.

Contact Name: Maria Matarelli
Contact Email: email

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18 Oct 2011


Heartland Community College, Building ACEC, Room 2204


1500 Raab Road

Normal, IL 61761


$10.00 per person

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