Back to the Basics with Ken Schwaber

Improving Enterprises
Dallas, TX United States

DFW Scrum (Dallas/Fort Worth)

17 Jan 2012
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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Join us as we kick of 2012 right with Ken Schwaber (via Skype) who will be providing us with some back to the basics principals on Scrum as well as hitting on the points of what Scrum is and isn't. Ken is a founding member of the Scrum Framework and we were honored to have him at our first meeting in January 2009. He now returns to help guide us through some of the changes in the Scrum Guide since then and many things learned over the last 3 years.

Contact Name: Lance Dacy
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17 Jan 2012


Improving Enterprises


16633 Dallas Parkway

Suite 100

Dallas, TX 75001

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