Regional Scrum Gathering (Shanghai, China) 2012

HuangTing Hotel(上海华亭酒店)
Shanghai(上海) China

Scrum Shanghai

7-9 Jun 2012

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ScrumGathering is world-wide activity supported by Scrum Alliance to help thousands of agile practitioners to have a better understanding about Scrum. And meanwhile this gathering also provides a platform for participants to share their skills and reflections to keep staying ahead. Starting with 2008, ScrumGathering came to Shanghai every year and have attracted a great number of experts and contributors from different industries to meet the vision. And with years of effort, ScrumGathering has become one of the most influential conferences in China.

From year to year, the number of participants grows dramatically. And agile consultancy becomes more and more popular in this land. In order to keep a sound environment for the agile practitioners to learn and share, there’s a important concept gradually arising that ScrumGathering Shanghai shall be organized by agile community instead of driven by business interests.  A dozen of innovative yet passionate organizers have come up with a popular theme in year 2011 named “Let Agile Fly” and built the conference around it. As expected, the 2011's Gathering Event achieved a very big success and high appreciation from the participants.

To carry on the inspiring efforts that made last year,  ScrumGathering organizers committee has started preparing for the new journey for an even more innovative gathering for year 2012 with the planned date on 7~9 June, this year. Though the detailed schedule has not yet been finalized, you are still encouraged to refer to the schedule table on the event main website to provide us with early feedback.


For the full story of ScrumGathering in Shanghai, welcome to check it out from the slides below:

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7-9 Jun 2012


HuangTing Hotel(上海华亭酒店)


Xu Jia Hui, Shanghai, China (上海徐家汇)




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