Chennai : Coaching and Managing Agile Teams

The Raintree Annasalai
Chennai India

India Scrum Enthusiasts Community

20 Oct 2012
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC)


Coaching and Managing Agile Teams

'A conference on Scrum Master's role and coaching agile teams'

20th October 2012, Chennai, India

After the overwhelming success of Agile Tour Chennai in 2010 and 2011 in India, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC) proudly brings you its next conference in Chennai.

Conference Focus

The conference will focus on ScrumMaster role and Coaching .

This is about Coaching. Both from an Agile Coach point of view and especially from the point of view of the ScrumMaster. Hints, tips, tricks, coaching methods. How does the SM fit into the wider Organisation? Who makes a good ScrumMaster? Is it a role or a job? How do I coach self-organised teams? Using lateral thinking to innovate, personality types, Servant Leadership and Facilitation.

Target Audience

These conferences are aimed at everyone wanting to learn more about the world of Agile:

  • Project Managers
  • Coaches
  • ISDs
  • Enterprenuers
  • Directors
  • Marketing Teams
  • Developers
  • Etc..

Delegate Registrations

Delegate Registrations are currently open. Please click the 'Register' link to register . 

Contact us

  • Visit our website:
  • Mail us at:
  • Call: +91-9741611175 OR +91-9373312198

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ISEC is a pan-India, non-profit organization established by a group of Scrum and Agile Enthusiasts to provide a common platform for the Scrum and Agile Community in India to share, learn and grow together.

ISEC regularly organizes guest lectures, seminars, conferences to promote industry-industry and industry-academic interaction in fields related to Agile, Change Management, Business Process Management and other topics of interest.

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20 Oct 2012


The Raintree Annasalai


T Nagar




Event Comments

  1. Anand S said on 18 Jul 12 05:06:
    How to particiapate in this event?
  2. Madhur Kathuria said on 15 Aug 12 21:52:
    Hi Anand, You can register by clicking on the Register link on right

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