London Scrum User Group September Meetup - Abid Quereshi - "Zombies and the Spirit of Scrum"

Macmillan Cancer Support
London United Kingdom

London, UK

20 Sep 2012
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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Going through the motions of Zombie Scrum? Scrum has a spirit and a form. It’s form is easy to identify and is characterised by familiar artefacts and events like; sprints, sprint planning, retrospectives, and backlogs. Its spirit, which gives life to your agile practices is not as well known, resulting in a kind of “Zombie Scrum”. The spirit is characterised by the five Scrum values.

Join us, as we have a fresh look at Scrum by revisiting the papers that inspired Scrum 25 years ago: “The New New Product Development Game” and “The Knowledge Creating Company”. Lets rediscover the enduring values that guided those teams to success.

Contact Name: Abid Quereshi
Contact Email: email

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20 Sep 2012


Macmillan Cancer Support


89 Albert Embankment

London SE1 7UQ

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