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First meeting of JCSUG

Courtyard Jersey City Newport
Jersey City, NJ United States

Garden State Scrum User Group

15 Feb 2013
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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Hello JCSUG Members,

This is Asim Malik, owner of the Jersey City Scrum User Group (JCSUG). Over the last year or so, our group has increased from just 3 members to now over 35 members. I believe it is time for us to start getting together to get introduced, share and learn.

I am planning to hold our first ever Scrum Gathering in February. I would like to know how many of you can attend so that I can plan the event. Please let me know your availability by RSVP through the sign-up genius event.

I have also created a Google Group for us to interact and connect over email. The Google Group email is: Please take a moment to become a member here as well so that future communications become easy.


Asim Malik

Owner, Jersey City Scrum User Group

Contact Name: Asim Malik
Contact Email: email


15 Feb 2013


Courtyard Jersey City Newport


540 Washington Boulevard

Jersey City, NJ 07310


There is a minimal charge of $10 per person to this event and the limit is 30 people. So sign up fast.

540 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310
United States

Event Comments

  1. Asim Malik said on 30 Jan 13 16:22:
    Dear Members, There was an error in the registration URL. I have updated it. Please try again if you got an error when you clicked on the "Register Now!" link. Thanks, Asim
  2. Asim Malik said on 14 Feb 13 10:02:
    So far we have 10 attendees. The registration is closed. I have updated the meeting location and those attending are already aware. I probably have room for 1-2 more. If you want to attend, please reach me at or @201-293-7641 Thank you.
  3. Asim Malik said on 21 Feb 13 11:55:
    Last Friday (15-Feb-2013), a good number of Jersey City Scrum User Group (JCSUG) members met for our first ever meeting. I was pleased to see the enthusiasm and interest that the group has shown. Many of the members made it despite it being a long weekend. As they say “Well begun is half already Done!”. We had a very productive session and the group together brainstormed ideas and suggestions on how we can make this group bigger, better, productive and helpful for all members. I have mailed you the presentation which gives details of the agenda and the outcome of the outcome of the meeting. In case you have not received it, please email me at and I will forward you the same. I will be shortly announcing the next meeting on the group site, so keep looking or revisit the page soon.

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