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User Group Meeting "DOD - Agile Success and Challenges"

IBA Fairview Park Building
Falls Church, VA United States

Washington DC, Federal Scrum Alliance User Group

21 Feb 2013
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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DOD - Agile Success and Challenges
In just 12 short months, DOD DHSS has 14 Application teams converted to and using Agile.  Using 20 day / 4 week sprint cycles, DHSS teams are delivering on their mission to improve quality, while reducing time, cost and risk per release.  Come learn how in a fun, interactive presentation.

Presenter: Hunter McCluer, CSM, Defense Health Support Services (DHSS) Agile Technical Lead / Coach

Contact Name: Hunter McCluer
Contact Email: email

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21 Feb 2013


IBA Fairview Park Building


3150 Fairview Park Drive South

Falls Church, VA 22042

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