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Agile Games Night II

B-1200 Brussel Belgium

Agile in Belgium

6 Jun 2013
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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What's a User Group ?

An Agile user group is a group of people who enjoy using Agile methods (Scrum, XP, KanBan,…) who meet regularly to discuss the use of those methods, share knowledge and experience, hear from peers and hold other related activities. They may host special interest workgroups, often focusing on one particular aspect of Agile. This User group will be focussed on Agile Games, we will also briefly discuss the Agile Belgium Community’s events.

What's an Agile Game ?

Agile Games are…games we usually use to teach about Agile. They can be very general e.g. experience what is Scrum through a game. Or they can be focussed on one topic e.g. planning. It’s a fun and powerful way of learning.

What's this meetup is all about ???

All informations about this event are available here:

Contact Name: Bruno Sbille
Contact Email: email

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6 Jun 2013



Woluwedal/Boulevard de la Woluwe 102

B-1200 Brussel

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