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Agilization #8: User Stories — The Nuclear Power

TechHub Riga
Riga, LV Latvia

Agile Latvia

30 May 2013
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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When you'll have to pay for vision's or requirements' problems and what them look like. That's true and that's the main subject we're going to cover during the first of the events dedicated to the vision, requirements and user stories. We're going to begin with the very basics and proceed step by step providing examples and case studies.

What's important, in order to make at the best level possible and preserve time for the social part, we're going to try new format of the event - one subject will be divided into three parts - three events. So don't forget to schedule the following dates: May 23, May 30 and June 6.


Doing agile by book is ok for the beginning. However, it's not enough. You should continue to learn by gaining new knowledge during the project. User stories and the way you're working with them are the bricks which form the foundation the better experience.

User Stories could be Your best partner and support in project, yet them could become your worst nightmare. Where and how User Stories help? When and how User Stories could become a large burden?

In the 2nd part of our events we will dig into user story deeper. How it differs from requirements, use cases or test cases? From what parts it consists and why? Will talk about their types and sizes.

Slides from the event on May 23:

Subjects will be covered on May 30:

  • parts which form the user story
  • types and sizes of user stories
  • what is the definition of ready and waht is the definition of done?

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30 May 2013


TechHub Riga


Citadeles iela 12

Riga, LV



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