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Agilization #9: The Art of Knowledge Governance

KAFKA kafija
Riga, LV Latvia

Agile Latvia

10 Jul 2013
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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What makes knowledge valuable? Do we manage it properly? Let's meet and share the experience in the panel discussion.


  1. Definition of the problem: knowledge is important, but what do we see in reality? Do we lose it?
  2. Do you agree with the problem and how exactly do you see it?
  3. Most common situations from your experience and reasons why it is or was that way.
  4. How to avoid the loss? What you can recommend to reduce the risk of loss?


  • Artjoms Kobahidze from LikeIT
  • Egils Meiers

Contact Name: Vladimir Tarasow
Contact Email: email

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10 Jul 2013


KAFKA kafija


Vaļņu 26, grāmatnīcas Globuss II stāvā

Riga, LV



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  1. Vladimir Tarasov said on 14 Jul 13 03:52:
    Wrap-up from the event:

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