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Session on "Test First Approach" & CSP Process

New Delhi , India India

Discuss Agile Network

2 Aug 2014
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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9:00 -- Registration 9:15 -- Welcome and Introduction 9:30 -- Discussion on "Test First Approach" In this session Saket Bansal will facilitate discussion on Test First Development , this session will facilitate sharing of experience related to Test First Development. 10:30 -- Q&A, Tea and networking 11:00 -- Learning and Highlights ISEC2014 In this session Sarabjit Bakshi will give us debriefing on “Humane Scrum”, the Regional Scrum Gathering® India 2014 which focused on exploring techniques, tools, behaviors, and experiences that help bring about the mind-set so essential to reaping the benefits of using Scrum in organizations small and large. Sarabjit will share with us some key highlights of the conference . 12:00 -- Agile and Scrum Certification Discussion , CSP Process Debriefing 12:30 -- Retrospection and poll for next topic

Contact Name: Saket Bansal
Contact Email: email

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2 Aug 2014




1, Jai Singh Road

New Delhi , India



Event Comments

  1. Dhananjay Kumar said on 02 Aug 14 10:26:
    The interactive session was to the point, knowledge sharing and thoughtful. Saket has demonstrated "Test First Approach" by writing piece of java code and elaborated the importance of developer testing through junit, Coding & re factoring in iterative fashion. Understood CSP Process and all its categories (A-F).
  2. Nitin Agrawal said on 03 Aug 14 11:46:
    This is my first user group meeting which I attended and it was wonderful experience. Got the chance to understand the TDD and ATDD in detail with live code demonstration. Apart from that it was good to know about the Scaled agile framework.

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