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Agile Eastern Europe (agileee)

Kyiv Ukraine


18-19 Sep 2009

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This event is to become the First Agile Eastern European conference (among many
more that we hope will follow) and is to bring the regional Agile movement onto the next
level by integrating goals and directions of the local communities. Also it is to integrate the
regional movement with the World-wide Agile movement by expanding the horizons and
by adding new fresh pieces to the multi-cultural mosaic.

The Agile movement in the Eastern Europe is much younger than the one that has started
in the U.S. and in the Scandinavian countries. Some of the local communities are still
emerging and they need support in knowledge and inspiration from the rest of the World.

The conference is to bring together specialists from the Eastern European countries who
are interested to learn from each other’s experience in adopting Agile since we have a lot
in common due to our economical and geopolitical situation. We are closer than appears to
each other.

The conference welcomes guests (attendees and speakers) from all around the World since
we would like to demonstrate our hospitality in exchange to the experience that the
Western countries have obtained over the last decade in the field of Agile Software
Development. We are closer than appears to the rest of the World.

Contact Name: Alexey Krivitsky
Contact Email: email

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18-19 Sep 2009





Kyiv N/A



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