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? Product Owner Topics

10 Dec 2009
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location Infusionsoft
2065 W. Obispo Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
United States

Contact Information
Kenneth R. Ward
Email Kenneth R. Ward,+Gilbert,+AZ%E2%80%8E&sll=33.38444,-111.838932&sspn=0.050885,0.111494&ie=UTF8&ll=33.369531,-111.832495&spn=0.050893,0.111494&z=14

<p><span style="font-family: Helvetica; font-size: medium;"> <p><strong>When:</strong><span style="color: #800000;"><strong>&nbsp;Thursday&nbsp;</strong><strong>- December 10, 2009</strong></span>&nbsp;(6:00pm ? 8:00pm)</p> <p><strong>Where:</strong><br /><span style="padding-left: 30px;">Infusionsoft&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (<a href=";source=s_q&amp;hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;q=2065+W+Obispo+Ave,+Gilbert,+AZ%E2%80%8E&amp;sll=33.38444,-111.838932&amp;sspn=0.050885,0.111494&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;ll=33.369531,-111.832495&amp;spn=0.050893,0.111494&amp;z=14"><strong>Google Map</strong></a>)</span><br /><span style="padding-left: 30px;">2065 W. Obispo Ave.</span><br /><span style="padding-left: 30px;">Gilbert, AZ 85233</span></p> <p><strong>Agenda:</strong><br />6:00 -&nbsp; Registration (<em>Infusionsoft&nbsp;</em>providing Food and Drink)<br />6:20 -&nbsp; Announcements and topic selection<br />6:30 -&nbsp; Begin ?How?s the Product Owner?<br />8:00 -&nbsp; Announcements</p> <p><em><strong>NOTE:&nbsp; We also have a special Give Away this Month:&nbsp; Mike Cohn?s new book ?Succeeding with Agile?, and Planning Poker Cards!</strong></em></p> <p><span style="font-size: x-small;"><strong>PLEASE REGISTER&nbsp;</strong>- If you are already a member of the Phoenix Scrum User?s Group, you have already received an email about this event, just select the ?Registration Link? in that email.&nbsp; If you?ve not received that email, please sign-up (on the right), and we?ll get it out to you!!</span></p> <h2><strong>Topic Overview:<br /></strong></h2> <p>A Product Owner has the power to champion a great Scrum Team, or defeat them.&nbsp; A great PO provides crystal clear direction and distills competing desires into laser focus, not just for the team but also for the enterprise.&nbsp; A bad PO can perpetuate chaos, misdirection and confusion.&nbsp; This meeting will focus on this key Scrum role.&nbsp; Alan will guide a discussion about the Product Owner role.</p> <p>- How is the role defined?<br />- Job and focus of the Product Owner<br />- ScrumMaster and Product Owner interaction<br />- What do the Product Owner and the Team developers owe each other?<br />- What works for you?</p> <p>Please come with your own input to this discussion.&nbsp; We hope many Product Owners will be in attendance too.&nbsp; Scrum is not just for the ScrumMasters!</p> <h2>Speaker Bio:&nbsp; Alan Dayley</h2> <p>Alan has been doing embedded development for nearly 20 years, in projects ranging from built-in and production test to embedded application firmware and embedded product user interfaces.&nbsp; His awareness of information flow between people drove him to rediscover Agile principles as a means of revealing enterprise impediments and creating high performance teams.&nbsp; A Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Practitioner, Alan now works on integrating Agile further into the enterprise, coaching in Agile for an engineering department designing next generation SSDs and continuing a grass-roots Scrum introduction he started over two years ago.</p> </span></p>