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Roman Pichler - Building a Product Users Want: From Idea to Backlog with the Vision Board

9 Jul 2014
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location ASOS plc
Greater London House
Hampstead Road
London NW1 7FB
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Contact Information
Nigel Steane

Heart of England Scrum User Group - ON TOUR! Roman Pichler has kindly agreed to run a session on "Building a Product Users Want: From Idea to Backlog with the Vision Board" Scrum is a great framework for developing a product with the right features. It encourages the use of a shared vision; it provides a product backlog to capture ideas and requirements and it employs product increments that implement the high-priority backlog items. This allows the Scrum team to gather feedback form users, customers and other stakeholders to ensure that the right features are developed in the right way and that the product moves closer towards the vision. Unfortunately, there is little guidance on how the product backlog is derived from the vision. Once we have an idea for a new product or new features, how do we know which user stories we should include in the backlog? And how can we tell who should be at the sprit review meeting to help us understand if we are building the right product? This talk answers the questions above and explains how to capture and validate a product strategy using the Vision Board, a simple tool that describes the market, the product’s value proposition, and the business goals.