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Hawaii Agile Community - Now on Linked In

12 Apr 2013
5:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location To Be Announced
Honolulu, HI 96817
United States of America



Contact Information


Hello everyone,

Exciting news for Hawaii and the Agile community. There is a group of people now interested in setting up monthly meetings and as you will see below we have created a LinkedIn group called Hawaii Agile Community.  Please joing this group to keep updated on the activites and meetings that we are going to be starting.


For now, the goal of the group is to create a forum for learning and solving problems by bring people together to share their Agile experiences and lessons learned.


We agreed to schedule a brown bag lunch for some time in May (exact date to be announced) with round table discussions and perhaps a short presentation around Adventures in learning how to Monitor, Measure and Manage vendors who use an “Agile” implementation approach.


We agreed that we would rotate the planning for subsequent events amongst members.


We also decided to create a Linkedin Group.  Karen Degner took on this action item.


I volunteered to organize this first meeting in May.  I will create the announcement and will send to everyone to forward.  IBM has generously agreed to allow us to use their training room for the meeting – I’ll work with them to finalize a date.


Everyone agreed that they would help to “get the word out”.


I will post it to Tech Hui and send to my personal contacts.

Mark agreed to send to the “meet up” group

Karen Degner agreed to get with the local PMI group to ask for their assistance in letting their members know