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Agile Prague Conference

15-16 Sep 2014
1:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Location OK System Conference Centre
Na Pankráci 125
Prague 4 - Pankrac 14021

Early bird registration includes 20% discount over the conference fee until July 31, 2013. Academics and students, we offer a 30% discount over the early registration and regular conference fee if you are a full-time faculty member or student. You need to bring a valid student or academic ID to the conference. Regular conference registration fee is: 5900CZK for 2-day registration package.

Contact Information
Agilni Asociace
Email Agilni Asociace

Agile Prague Conference is still the first agile conference in the heart of Europe. After a sucessful conference last year, we were thinking hard what to change in this year, what should be new and changed for the better. We have also went carefully through the feedback you gave us last year, discussed various options and finally agreed on the following: the conference is still wide open for developers, testers, manageres and all agile believers, we will have focused sessions on quality assurance with a focus on agile environment, we will have code retreat, coding dojo or similar session to have more fun, we will have workshops, games and sessions to put the theory into practice, we will have a separate conference workshop with the top trainers and agile coaches, we will have the very popular experience reports from Czech and international companies, we will run a "Scrum clinic", where you get your first aid for Scrum-related issues - for free These points frame the core of the conference. As last year, all participants will have a chance to build professional networks, talk with speakers and organizers, make new contacts and enjoy the conference. We will continue with the surprise games, actions and small little personal touches as last year. The conference is there for your, attendees and speakers, and we will make you feel like home.