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About This Group


The mission of the group is very simple – It’s an Agile leadership enablement community to network, share, challenge and grow!  More brains and different experiences, is better than one. Improve the overall awareness and usage of Agile and Scrum framework for various industry needs in the region. We hope to learn from the existing and groom new Agile leadership. Among various things one specific one which we want to concentrate on in this region just because of the virtue of where this group would be located is on Distributed Agile. Shared and understand how enterprises in the region are doing this for various clients around the world and how can this be further improved while keeping the essence of Agile and Scrum intact. So among others one focus theme for the group would be to innovate and share with the wider community, ways to improve and enhance Agile frameworks for distributed delivery. Lot of Agile evangelists in the region come with a varied and rich experience of delivering complex projects around the world and we intend to make this a very vibrant and learning community.