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About This Group

PMINYC Agile Program Group brings agility and understanding of scrum to project managers in NYC.  The program got established and approved by PMINYC Board of Directors at the end of 2011. This event was superseded by Agile Workshop that was ran for a year for those chapter members who were interested in learning about agile.  I would like to welcome all project manager professionals to join this group on Scrum Alliance web site, as well as follow updates as they take place via LinkedIn (PMINYC Agile Community) and PMINYC Agile Program page at visit

The purpose and intent of this group is to:
-Unite many agile supporters of agile/scrum from the local PM community
-Assist PMINYC chapter members with understanding of agile methodology and agile transformation
-Offer various Agile seminars and webinars  by well known agile experts
-Facilitate agile workshops, discussion groups and forums
-Ensure that existing and future chapter members understand the purpose and mission of Scrum Alliance, as a pioneer and forerunner of agile/scrum
-Expose existing and future chapter members to various certifications by Scrum Alliance