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Agilization #10: Knowledge Brings Fear

28 Aug 2013
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location "Kafka" kafijas istaba
Vaļņu iela 26, Rīga
Riga, LV


Free, however the registration is needed.

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It's to some extent a continuation of our previous meetup 'The Art of Knowledge Governance'. 

This time want to discuss an other case. What to do when knowledge has migrated uncontrollably and it went wrong? Why it went wrong and what are consequences? Let's meet and try to find a solution for a real life situation, where knowledge transfer problem had made consequences. 

Goal: To find a possible solutions for real life knowledge transfer problem within the company with so-called stable processes. 


• Retrospective on knowledge transfer 

• Listen to real life story 

• Case analysis: Causes, Consequences, Responsibility, Solution