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About This Group

The Agile Methodologies Users Group from Rio Grande do Sul was founded in April 5th of 2004, so in 2009 we are achieving 5 years helping our local community to understand more about Agile.The group started focusing on eXtreme Programming, but after a couple of years we started to look for all other Agile Methodologies, and Scrum is one of the mainstreams we have around.

The main website (in portuguese) is There you can find more information to other resources we have, RSS feeds, a discussion group, and lots of information about Agile.

Stay tuned for our next event, on April 25th and 26th we are hosting the Agile Weekend 2009, where we are going to celebrate our 5 years of our Users Group.More information about the event at

Best Regards,
Daniel Wildt