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Trinidad and Tobago Scrum Group

Location: Port of Spain, TT
Contact: Ashmini Deonarine

No Upcoming Meetings


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About This Group

Welcome to the Trinidad and Tobago Scrum Group. The group was created to bring together professionals in the I.T. space who are passionate about incremental and continuous improvement with the aim of delivering quality products and applications.The intent of this group is to promote meetings and networking each month to discuss challenges faced in current Scrum projects and even ways in which Scrum and Agile can be introduced to other companies. Attendees can join in discovering, sharing and developing tools and techniques for becoming strong Scrum practitioners. Meetups will be once per month and will encourage networking and sharing of successes, failures, best practices, experiences, tools and models.   

 The main goals of the group are:
1) Bring together people who are practicing or want to practice agile/scrum
2) Generate and facilitate conversations around their experiences with agile, successes, failures, challenges, obstacles, and ways to overcome them
3) Build a community committed to delivering quality work in the Caribbean