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Agile Coaching Exchange (ACE)

Location: Camden, London, GB
Contact: Helen Meek Or Benjamin Cooke
Group Website:

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About This Group

The Coaching Exchange is a really great place to get those burning questions off your chest and make new friends. These exchanges are about: 

 - Connecting people so that they can collaborate and work together in the future 

 - Providing a place for newer coaches to seek support 

- Exchanging coaching skills and experiences 

- Developing new concepts collaboratively that we can use when coaching 

- Developing ideas that will support the discipline of coaching 

 - Having fun, sharing, and collaboration 

The target audience is you, peers that you work with or have worked with, ScrumMasters, and anybody with potential to be coaches or good ScrumMasters. Please feel free to bring others along, especially people from your current workplace/engagement who could benefit from this kind of sharing event. 

Please have a look at our groups event page or our meet up group.