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Agile Copenhagen event 2 - sign up now

26 Jun 2014
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location ProActive A/S
Rosenørns Alle 1
Frederiksberg C

Free – but bring cash for food and beverage (We are ordering out)

Contact Information
Allan Rennebo Jepsen
Email Allan Rennebo Jepsen



The purpose of this event is to present and discuss different approaches on how to handle an unstable reality.


  • Welcome

    The event will kick off with a short introduction, followed by a who’s who.

  • Keynote: “Ensuring motivation and commitment through team maturity stages”

    Robert Holm Kinnerfelt will present how we assure predictability, motivation and manage expectations with the receivers. See Keynotes description for further details.

  • Get together

    It’s time for dinner combined with more informal discussions

  • Keynote: “How continuous practices make you better”

    Allan Rennebo Jepsen will present how to make your life easier when dealing with unstable conditions by implementing continuous practices. See Keynotes description for further details.

  • Retrospective

    At the end of the event, we will carry out a Retrospective session, so the next event becomes even better

  • more information

    You can find more information about the event here: