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Canary Wharf Agile Forum

Location: London, GB
Contact: Eben Halford
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About This Group

Working in Canary Wharf? Doing Agile stuff? Come along and experience the diverse set of individuals doing, and thinking about doing, Agile product development. There's more of us in the Wharf than you think and it's time we all met and shared our experiences. Scrum/Lean/Kanban/XP even DSDM, come one, come all! *We'd particularly like to encourage people working on the business side of Agile so that we can seek to understand the whole picture and not simply become another Agile echo chamber.* Open Space will be our predominant format, with the odd lightning talk and evenings of just getting to know your beers, sorry peers. Come along and get to know more of us, maybe share something, definitely learn something. We aim to avoid partisan sponsorship of our meet-ups, so we will avoid hosting the events at local offices -- it's not so important where you work, more how you work.