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Agile Munich

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Location: Munich, DE
Contact: Taghi Paksima
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About This Group

"Agile Munich" is formed as a community of practice for all agile practitioners to meet up, exchange experiences, evangelise, learn, and network. As such, it's also a local user group endorsed by Scrum Alliance and registered with Agile Alliance. Whether you are an agile coach or an agile enthusiast exploring how to introduce formal agile practices into your organisation, or simply interested to learn about Scrum or other agile methodologies we'd like to encourage you to join the group. The group covers all agile methodologies, in particular Scrum, Kanban, and Lean. We focus on application of agile practices in Software development, but from time to time we will also try to review emergent agile applications in other industries such as manufacturing, management, etc. We aim to meet up regularly. For each meetup we'll have a pre-determined theme by one or two presenters followed by a discussion and networking (along with a few social drinks!). We'll try to diversify the topics addressing both advanced themes as well as a track to introduce more fundamental topics. The group will also self-initiate new topics, do a time-boxed prioritisation in order to determine the theme for the next meetup. The official language of the group is English. Do reach out to me if you are interested in helping out, presenting, or otherwise have any suggestions. And don't forget to spread the word in your network. Looking forward to meeting you in the next meetup.