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About This Group

We are Agile Boston. We meet the 4th Wednesday in Waltham MA and the following Thursday DOWNTOWN to learn and have fun!! That’s two meetings a month for you! Get on Our List to stay informed;  You can  subscribe or unsubscribe here.


We envision a regional community of practice, in the Boston area, that is a thriving ecosystem of Agile learning, continuous improvement and innovation, in service to building energized organizations that create great results.


Our mission is to encourage & help the Greater Boston Agile community to become the most active, most innovative & most vibrant Agile learning community on the planet, by any measure that can be named.


Our history dates back to September of 2007 when we had our first meeting. Our biggest monthly meeting so far attracted 140 people. The speaker was Jeff Sutherland. You might not be aware that Scrum was BORN IN BOSTON. That's right. In the 1990's Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber started formulating Scrum with willing companies in the Boston area, trying things out, inspecting & adapting. You can learn that full story via this link to the The Scrum Papers.

Since 2007, we have pioneered Agile community work in several important dimensions. We introduced Open Space to the Agile community in Boston in late 2008. To date we have convened no less than 7 larger Open Space events that have each attracted up to 230 people in attendance. In 2009 we held our first GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event, the uniquely BOSTON event honoring the tribal elders of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber. At that first event we attracted 210 people to hear Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber and agile experts like Amr Elssamadisy explain Scrum’s inner working.  GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM is now an annual event… and an important one on the worldwide Scrum community calendar.


IN 2012, we launched the agile CULTURE Conference, an event to explore the analysis, design, and implementation of culture design in organizations. The first “CULTUREcon” had two venues on two different days: Philadelphia PA and Boston MA. We did the Philly event first, in full collaboration with Agile Philly. Then we put the speakers, sponsors and organizers on a big 25-seat PARTY BUS and shuttled them from Philly to Boston! You can see the pictures from the CULTURE-BUS here. It was quite a nice trip ! Dave Logan, co-author of NYT bestseller TRIBAL LEADERSHIP, keynoted in Boston. In Philly, Harrison Owen, the father of Open Space, keynoted the event.  We are proud of these events as they stand as the first conference events in the world that focused on culture design and culture hacking in organizations.

PRESENT DAY is your link to the Agile Boston site. You can sign up for meetings, browse past meetings, grab slides, view pictures and examine various videos on our site. To best serve the agile/Scrum community in Boston, we convene TWO meeting a month in the Boston area. We meet one the 4th Wed in Waltham MA and the following Thursday in downtown Boston. Check the web for up-to-date details on current events!