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Getting Started with Scrum/Agile

26 Feb 2009
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Location Pizza Shoppe
5285 W 95th S
Kansas City, MO 66207
United States of America

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The topic is: The Basics of Agile and Getting Started with Scrum. Over the existence of the Agile KC group, there has been a consistent flow of attendees looking to get started with a more agile process in their organizations. They usually have questions like "What do we need to do?" "What shouldn't we do?" "What can management expect?". This month's meeting is for them.  

Martin Olson, of Silicon Prairie Solutions, Inc. will present his review of things that should be done consistently on an agile project and why. From there he'll address questions from the group about different ways to start using an agile process in their organizations, what it means to be agile (and what it does not mean) and any other questions the group may have.

So bring your management team, development team, testers, customers and kids.  This could be the evening that gets you off center and building a better development process!