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January 2014 MNAEG Gathering

14 Jan 2014
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location Univ. St. Thomas
Summit Ave
apt. 123
St. Paul, MN 55105
United States of America


Contact Information
Rod Hunter
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The next gathering of MNAEG will take place Tuesday January 14 at 6:00 PM. Topic : Agile Attitude Adjustment Synopsis: A favorite precept amongst agilists: "Agile is about culture not process." The culture of an organization (group, team) is ultimately dictated by the behavior of the individuals. The behavior of those individuals will in turn be driven largely by their attitudes. And everyone wants to have a great attitude. But, hey, some days just … well, some are just not as good as others. Being able to consciously shift your attitude to "a better place" is a developable skill and perhaps the most influential way you can positively impact your surrounding culture. I was introduced to "the responsibility process" at an agile conference a few years ago, and have found it useful in doing exactly that (in both my professional and personal life). There are others I can talk about as well (such as the "mood elevator" promoted in my current corporate culture), but let's hear from a few others what works for them. Who has something? Patterns/tools/approaches you have found useful in "fixing" your attitude when the things aren’t going right (which you could introduce/discuss in 15-20 minutes)? 6 – 6:30 PM – networking, pizza 6:30 - 8 PM - Topic 8 - 8:30 – Discuss future gather topic proposals Our sponsor this month is TBD Meetings are held at the University of St. Thomas, Murray Herrick room 206. St. Thomas campus map: (Murray Herrick is building 6 on this map). MNAEG is composed of individuals from the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area interested in sharing experiences related to agile, and provides a forum for anyone attempting to utilize (or otherwise being affected by) agile in some manner. Suggestions for monthly meeting topics are solicited from and then chosen by the group. MNAEG is a special interest group (SEG) of OTUG We encourage open and frank dialogue on any subject related to agile, and hope all members will contribute in whatever manner they are most comfortable with. We especially encourage any new member to submit at least one idea for a future meeting topic. View our page "MNAEG meeting topic/agenda backlog" for a list of possible future meeting topics, and then suggest a few to add! Gather Dates for 2014: Thursday, Feb 20 Tuesday, Mar 18 Thursday, Apr 17 Tuesday, May 13