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Agile Tools in the Practical World

10 Aug 2011
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

18 Corporate Woods Blvd
2nd Floor
Albany, NY 12211
United States

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Pat Guariglia
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<p><span style="font-family: &quot;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; font-size: 11pt;">Come&nbsp;join us on August 10 at 5:30 PM where we will hold our first Agile Tools Workshop.&nbsp; At this workshop, we will have four people from four different companies and organizations that will demo the agile tools they use every day to manage and organize their Scrum work.&nbsp; Each one of the four expert users will provide insight into the tool's usage, demo the functionality, talk about pros and cons, and answer questions.&nbsp; We will organize the group into four focused workshop tables.&nbsp; There will be time set aside to watch the demos, and then to share with the entire group.&nbsp; It will be fun and informative! <br /><br />There will be plenty of time for Q &amp; A and a healthy discussion!</span></p> <p><span style="font-family: &quot;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; font-size: 11pt;">Every participant will:</span></p> <ul> <li><span style="font-family: &quot;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; font-size: 11pt;">Enjoy free&nbsp;food and refreshments</span></li> <li><span style="font-family: &quot;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; font-size: 11pt;">Receive 1.25 PDUs</span></li> <li><span style="font-family: &quot;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; font-size: 11pt;">Listen and participate in a great discussion about practical Scrum!<br /></span></li> <li><span style="font-family: &quot;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; font-size: 11pt;">Have an opportunity to ask questions and share comments!</span></li> </ul>