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About This Group

Scrum User Group Serbia has been founded several months after big CSM event in june 2009 as a knowledge exchange hub for people who are active with Scrum in Serbia and neighboring countries.

This big CSM event was initiated by one of the key players in design patterns and the father of organizational patterns, as well as a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer), James Coplien, with the help of his Scrum Alliance fellow members and CSTs, Dan Rawsthorne, Alan Cyment. Bojan Jovičić was local hero, and he was co-trainer together with James Coplien.

Event took place 8-10 june 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia at At the Faculty of Organization Sciences (FON) with Siniša Vlajić’s (Chair of Software Engineering Laboratory) support and direction. They organized 3 parallel Certified Scrum Master trainings with a fee that was almost an order of magnitude lower than usual.

For the ending, James, Dan and Alan (with Scrum Alliance’s blessing) gave their trainer’s fees to Sinisa to give it to charity cause of his choice.

First group event was organized at same venue (again with support of prof. Siniša and Software Engineering Laboratory) several months after that, and was called Serbia Sprint Retrospective.

If you want to join, please contact Bojan Jovičić at